Professors in Psychology:

Bruce Walker

Christopher Wiese

Scott Moffat

Thackery Brown

Chair of Psychology: 

Tansu Celikel

Staff in Psychology:

Arian Padron

tech support/IT

Sandra Wilson





Kaely Hall

Stephanie Lee

Ejeh Okorafor

Sidney Scott-Sharoni

We’d love to have to have you come to VRlandia! We have two different options for people interested in using these spaces.

Priority Access (membership) 

  • Lab members will have Buzzcard access and can move freely into and out of the lab 
  • Faculty with ongoing projects who are using the lab (and their students) can receive Buzzcard access to the lab, if one of the following conditions are met: 
  • The lab commits 5 hours of VRlandia office hours per week 
  • We have a an office hours sign up sheet (both for students and for attendants) 
  • The lab commits to a “duty” in the lab (cleaning, helping with projects, website design, trainings, webinars, etc) 
  • Faculty can submit their labs for membership through an online survey 
  • Must describe project, equipment needs, and suggest lab duties/responsibilities  

General Access (general public) 

  • Access given with required onboarding/intro training session 
  • Need certification to have access 
  • Are put on waitlists for equipment 
  • Must request space/equipment 
  • Allowed to use the common space recreationally (for VR-related work)