Welcome to VRlandia

VRlandia, part of the School of Psychology at Georgia Tech, is a multi-functional space, collection of equipment, and community of researchers that supports research spanning different topics within the VR/AR/XR space. The lab is open to Georgia Tech students and faculty conducting research in XR.

VRlandia main lab space (panoramic view), part of the B77 suite in JS Coon Building. 

VRlandia overflow and “BabySIM” driving simulator (panoramic view), in JS Coon Building, room G48.

VRlandia entrance (B77) in JS Coon. Note that this is NOT a photograph. It is captured from a complete Digital Twin, we have created of the JS Coon basement, using a Matterport scanner and importing into Unity. Check out the Matterport scan of the JS Coon building basement.

The Lab in Action


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JS Coon Psychology Building – Room B77 (overflow in G48)
654 Cherry St NW, Atlanta, GA 30332