VRlandia is a multi-room lab space, a collection of cutting-edge VR/AR/XR equipment, and most importantly a community of researchers that focus on XR projects. As a community we seek to research the next frontier of XR related developments and help students do the same.

VRlandia is a place for all Georgia Tech students regardless of year, major, or experience. All are allowed to utilize the space and its resources, free of charge (subject to availability).

VRlandia is housed in, and hosted by, the GT School of Psychology. There are powerful computers, high-end VR/AR headsets, a 360-degree OMNI treadmill, tracked spaces, several driving simulators, and all kinds of associated research gear (cameras, audio equipment, etc., etc.).

A wide variety of projects are underway, ranging from building “traditional” VR environments, to creating a digital twin of the Psychology Building, to the future of work in VR, to AR wayfinding, to studies of autonomous driving, training in VR, and much much more.

Reach out to us if you have questions or projects, or if you have an idea for getting students involved in your work.

VRlandia main lab space (panoramic view), part of the B77 suite in JS Coon Building. 

VRlandia overflow and “BabySIM” driving simulator (panoramic view), in JS Coon Building, room G48.
The School of Psychology Driving Simulator (“MiniSIM”) located in B72, is part of VRlandia.
“BabySIM” driving simulator in VRlandia, located in JS Coon G48,
OMNI Treadmill in VRlandia.
VRlandia entrance (B77) in JS Coon. Note that this is NOT a photograph. It is captured from a complete Digital Twin, we have created of the JS Coon basement, using a Matterport scanner and importing into Unity. Check out the Matterport scan of the JS Coon building basement.